Instructable: how to smear and detain

________ Bill of material (BOM)

You need:

(1) a person X you dislike for whatever reason;
three countries A, B and C;

along with some suitable laws:

(3) the possibility of “consensual rape” in country A;
no remedy shall exist for the prosecution leaking everything to the press in country A;
questioning is precondition for charges in country A;
charges are precondition for the necessity to provide evidence in country A;
safeguard-free extradition between countries A and B;
safeguard-free extradition between countries A and C.

________ Steps

Step 1  Let X visit country A.

Step 2  Let there be allegations of rape according to BOM(3) against X in country A, immediately tell the press. Don’t bother with telling X, he’ll soon read the headlines anyway. Don’t bother with illegality of snitching, it doesn’t matter because of BOM(4).

Step 3  Drop the allegations of rape the next day. You may now legally disclose the police file to the press, ’cause there’s no serious allegations.

Step 4  Reinstate the allegations of rape.

Step 5  Avoid questioning X as long he’s in country A, the allegations might be unfounded so you’d risk having to drop the case. Feel free to use silly excuses, e.g. “the officer’s tummy hurts”.

Step 6  Give X permission to leave country A.

Step 7  As soon as X is in country B, demand extradition to country A according to BOM(7).

Step 8  Let high ranking officials of country C call for X’s assassination, now X won’t want to enter country A because of BOM(8). This will easily give you one or two years of time while X fights his expensive way through B’s courts to avoid extradition to A.

Step 9  Avoid questioning X in country B, you’d otherwise risk bumping into BOM(5), i.e. having to either drop the case or properly charge X. The latter would obligate you to provide evidence to X’s lawyer according to BOM(6), which is what you wanna avoid by all means.

Throughout the process: smear, rinse and repeat.

Possible pitfalls:
people might think for themselves and get your plan;
there might be a country D disliking politics of C and having an embassy in B.


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