Tackle organisations, not just individuals

Much blaming of e.g. banksters’ or politicians’ ruthless behaviour takes place. Rightfully so, as decisions of those in power ought to be scrutinised. That said, if we want to make sure this planet is a more pleasant place for its inhabitants in the future, we must not stop there.

Regardless of how high up in an organisation’s hierarchy an individual resides, it is first and foremost the organisation that facilitates wrongdoing.

Organisations are formal structures—often historically grown rather than coined by intelligent design—offering placeholders for individuals to fill in. As long as these formal structures exist, i.e. as long as they get money thrown at them and as long as that money can buy you actual stuff, there will always be individuals around who are willing to occupy the placeholders; often with well-meaning intentions, even if only to be able to provide his or her family with a decent life.

Thus, the most urgent task is to dismantle malicious organisations—whether governmental, corporate or from the increasingly prevalent grey area in between.

Giving suggestions on how to go about the task is way beyond this tiny blog post so here’s a link to a book: Binding Chaos by @GeorgieBC.

Read it.



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